Why Nucleus ?

  • NUCLEUS offers remote process automation. 
  • NUCLEUS is adaptable and can easily be modified to suit your own requirements.
  • NUCLEUS is an Automated customs clearing system integrated with supply chain management
  • Is non Intrusive into your systems.
  • Interfaces Data seamlessly from your existing system through XML.
  • Conforms to all SARS Modernization requirements.
  • Easy File (code 13’s )
  • Easy Scan (Documents)
  • Manifest Acquittal System (MAS)
  • Acquire EDI releases direct from SARS within minutes.
  • Includes EDI tracking to ensure transparency of you message
  • interchanges with SARS.
  • Includes, KPI ‘s, SADC certificates, Cargo Dues, Bookings with Shipping lines. etc., etc.
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Reduces processing time.
  • Improve your stock through put.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Improve on your bottom line.

Operational Excellence

CASPNET is not only a software service provider. We do not drop and go. 

If your cargo does not move we are there 24/7. 

We do get involved with all Statuary bodies on behalf of all our clients 


Includes a full EDI message tracking system through which clients are able to monitor their clearance progress. NUCLEUS is easy to use and requires minimal training as its been designed with the end user in mind


The latest addition to Nucleus is our forwarding module that is used by NVOCC companies to automate their House Waybill distribution. It includes an email engine that simplifies their processes.


We are currently extending our export module to provide for Imports and are well on our way to achieving that in the shortest time possible.


Our existing ROFS (Remote Order Follow up System) system will be included into our NUCLEUS system to ensure our clients are fully in control of their order management. See our brochure on ROFS that depicts the functionality available.


Our Extractor system is a Depot management system which includes a host of attractive features enabling Depots to send SARS CUSDEC and receive CUSRES messages. It includes our Customs ACM manifest module for the submissions of Manifest to SARS.


Nucleus has a Comprehensive electronic manifest system integrated with SARS. Optimizing the loads per truck making sure there is  no delays at the border crossings.


CASPNET has developed a web-based interface for traders who are able to generate their export consignments from their in-house Systems. This data is send to CASPNET via XML. We translate this XML data for processing to SARS, thus catering for all statuary export requirements. That includes the automatically generated SAD document which users are able to view for quality control purposes and then submit the SAD to Customs from their desktop. A further advantage is that management has total control and observation as to the export entries which are processed through their system. The system is further accessible from anywhere in the world as long as one has Internet access. We generate SAD500, SAD507, Commercial-invoices Pre-inspection and Permit-invoices, & Certificate of Origin & contrary of destination documents. Plus any other document required.


Supply Chain Management is cardinal to the successful and timeous expediting of your orders. The 21st Century has taken IT into a new dimension where information is available by the press of a button. Block Chain development is another dimension that will enhance your Supply Chain Management. Our integrated KPI's (Key Performance Indicator Management) is included in NUCLEUS is a forerunner thereof. CASPNET is a company that enables through technology, conceptual vision into reality. IT systems are there to streamline, improve and to enhance your business. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a reality and more and more companies are interacting and daily interchanging their data with each other. CASPNET has developed a communication process that enables business to business, any to any interaction, you are not reliant on your IT department. We open the process to give you an eagle’s eye view of your data moving through your supply chain. That’s Correct once we have switched you on, You are truly in Control!