What U-Clear is about ?

Caspnet has identified a need for exporters and importers to do their own online customs clearances at affordable costs. Our staff who understand customs conformance will monitor your clearance to ensure customs rules and regulations are applied.  Our system is easy to use and custom releases can be acquired within short notice.
U-Clear offers 3 distinct offerings:

 “Agency service”- Simply fill out the form below, upload your documents and our U-Clear Staff will do the rest. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you and guide you through the process.

“Quality Assurance service”- Acquire full access to the U-Clear Portal and be in charge of the full clearing process but use U-Clear as the “Clearing Agent”. This provides you with the advantage of having a full system but you do not need to be registered with SARS as a Clearing Agent. U-Clear as the agent will do the quality assurance before submission of your declaration to Customs. In comparison to our Agency service, this option saves you on costs while you retain the benefit of an approved Clearing Agent that does your quality assurance in conformance to Customs requirements. 

“As a registered Clearing Agent”- This module gives the Importer, Exporter or Agent full access to an online Customs clearing system “U-Clear” with full autonomy. Be fully in control of all aspects of the clearing process and that includes you as the registered agent transacting with SARS directly, but without the major overheads and costs of a solely owned system. Compete with the bigger agent in the market; but hosted on a secure shared portal, safeguarding your and your client’s data. A SAAS (Software As A Service), hosted in the cloud.”

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